Funeral Order of Service

When a loved one passes away, arranging their funeral can be an overwhelming experience. As you navigate through your grief, you’ll need to make several decisions regarding the funeral service, including the order of service. The funeral order of service is a booklet or program that outlines the sequence of events during the funeral. It typically includes details such as the order of the ceremony, hymns, prayers, and readings.

The funeral order of service is a crucial element of the funeral planning process, as it helps attendees navigate the service and understand what to expect. It also serves as a keepsake for family and friends to cherish long after the service is over. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of the funeral order of service and offer tips on how to create a meaningful and personalized order of service.  For more information visit on

Welcome and opening remarks

The Funeral Order of Service begins with a respectful welcome and opening remarks to commemorate the life of the deceased. This is the time to express condolences, offer support to the bereaved family and friends, and provide an introduction to the service. The tone of the opening remarks should be solemn, yet comforting, to set the tone for the service. The speaker should acknowledge the sorrow and grief that the attendees are experiencing, while also offering words of hope and inspiration. It is important to establish a sense of community and togetherness among the mourners, as they come together to honor and celebrate the life of the departed. The opening remarks should be delivered with sensitivity and respect, to ensure that the service begins on a heartfelt note.

Acknowledgement of family and guests

The Funeral Order of Service is a document that serves as a guide for the funeral service. One of the important aspects of the order of service is the acknowledgement of family and guests. This section typically includes a message of gratitude to the family members and guests who have taken the time to attend the service. It is important to recognize the support and comfort that family and friends provide during this difficult time. The acknowledgement can also include a special thanks to those who have traveled from out of town to attend the service. This section should be written in a professional tone and show appreciation for the support of family and guests.

Tribute to the deceased

The “Tribute to the Deceased” section of the Funeral Order of Service is a time to honor and reflect on the life of the person who has passed away. This section can be a powerful way to celebrate the individual’s unique qualities, accomplishments, and relationships. This tribute can be given by a family member, friend, or a designated speaker who has known the deceased well. It is important to keep in mind the tone and context of the event, ensuring that the tribute is respectful and appropriate. We encourage speakers to share meaningful memories, offer condolences, and express gratitude for the impact the person had on their lives and the lives of others. This section of the service can be emotional, but it is also an opportunity to find comfort and closure in the memories of our loved one.

Commemorative readings or poems

Commemorative readings or poems are an important part of the funeral order of service, as they provide an opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased and offer comfort to those in attendance. These readings or poems can be chosen by the family or friends of the deceased, or by a funeral director or celebrant. They can be religious or secular, and should reflect the personality and beliefs of the person being remembered. Commemorative readings or poems can be shared by a family member or friend during the service, or can be included in the printed order of service as a keepsake for attendees. They offer a way to honor the life of the deceased and provide a sense of closure for those grieving.

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