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You can enjoy a full guide on how to use Stedew with an in-built built-in greenhouses and widgets without any additional steps.

Stedew is one of our favorite tools for building 3D models. It allows you to create detailed, dynamic designs that look great on different platforms and devices. This article will take a closer look at what we can do with the Starter widget, explore its basic features, and provide a step-by-step guide.

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What Is a 3D Model?

A 3D model represents a digital representation of some real-world object or environment. In this context, it could be anything from a car to a city or even space. A 3D model is just a set of dots connected by lines and triangles.

How To Use a 3D Model?

To create a new model, simply drag and drop the required elements onto a layer of topographic data. There are many options available here. For instance, if you have a rectangular shape that needs to be represented as a sphere, then select “2D” instead of “3D” (or vice versa). Moreover, you can also choose between two or more layers of topo data.

You can try various geometries, but all of them work fine. But you can combine them into three main groups according to their properties. They are cubic, cuboid, or prismatic. A cube is made up of four faces while a cuboid has six sides — they are similar to a mirror image of each other. Finally, a prismatic shape might consist of multiple surfaces that appear like an upside down plate. Each element inside a 3D model has unique properties.

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The most common type of geometry is the circle with a volume enclosed in a polygon. Another popular choice is the square. While it doesn’t have a lot of visual characteristics, it is much easier to represent than a quadrangular one. A rectangle is composed of three pieces that intersect each other. On the other hand, a square consists of four squares combined together. Other examples include spheres, pyramids, cones, etc. However, keep in mind that these shapes don’t need to be equal. One would need to draw circles with a larger area size than those of rectangles and squares. That said, you can always resize the radius of a circle based on its area size if needed.

How To Create a 3D Model With a Stedew Planner?

For creating a 3D model, you can go to the menu of the tool and search for either Stedew or 3D. Then, click the blue button “Add Square.” Choose the square or square, depending on which option your computer has selected, and place the desired objects inside it. Next, hit the red “Add Poly” button to add another piece of geometric data. After selecting the appropriate layer, you should see something like that below:

Now, to customize things inside the square, just drag and drop your desired items. For example, let’s say you want to get the following appearance:

In case you want to change the color, check “Color” under the “Shape” section of the triangle menu. If you wish to remove the current line, just right-click on the highlighted block and select “Move.”

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It’s important to note that every component of a three-dimensional structure needs to follow the same rules. That said, you can always modify the position and orientation of parts inside the model if necessary. When adding dimensions to a model, make sure that everything stays centered. Otherwise, you might end up with weird results. Keep in mind that you can only resize the radius of a sphere to its original size.

How To Build a 3D Model Using Stedew?

If you’re still not quite satisfied with the result you got when using Stedew, you can use the function edit directly within the tool. Click on the pencil icon in the upper left corner of the canvas and select “edit” in the pop-up window. Just follow the instructions provided in the dialog box and save the file after doing so.

Furthermore, you can also import images in the editor window. Simply drag and drop an image from the folder where it was saved into the frame. Alternatively, if you wish to download it, use the “Save As” button in the bottom right corner and paste the link. Or, alternatively, just open the resource URL and copy the code.

The next time you run the program, you’ll see that it automatically creates a new layer containing the image within the square or cylinder layer. Make sure that it is not hidden and ready to be displayed. All you need to do is to select the part of both layers that you need. So, in the picture above, the first layer is where you’re going to put the square.

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You must be wondering what the circle layer contains. Well, it’s basically the background of the square. Once again, you’ll find this option under the “Shape” part of the triangular menu. Select the shape, and choose “fill” to fill the space. Don’t forget that you can also customize the color of the marker!

You can also specify the opacity of the filled area, which gives it a certain effect. If you need more info on how to fill the space, read my previous post.

How To Use Customization Of Images?

In order to customize the images within the app, you will need access to your camera feed. Therefore, you can download an image from Google Drive. Open the picture and copy its URL. Now, save the file as an.jpg format. Next, open Stedew and click on the three lines that display behind the screen.

As soon as you do so, you’ll be able to navigate to editing. Instead of editing one specific place, you can customize your whole project by dragging and dropping elements into the desired spots. Here, you can add custom text and adjust its color.

You can also customize the texture, but with caution. First, make sure that you haven’t changed the number of pixels. And then, hover over the photo and pick an area with high contrast. Once done, click on the three lines that display behind the screen and select “edit.”

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Go ahead and change the colour of the markers. By default, they are black, but you can change that by right-clicking on them. Also, you can increase their visibility by hovering over the area and reducing its saturation. Let’s say you’re looking for white.

On the second slide, don’t forget to change the height of the marker and the stroke. Adjust the thickness of the path by finding out how far you need the marker to move.

Once you’re done, repeat the process with all your other images.


In conclusion, Stedew is definitely worth trying out, especially if you’re planning on making a professional project. There’s nothing wrong with spending some time learning how to play around with the software and achieve your dream model. I hope this guide helped you feel better about your decision.

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